Thursday, April 21, 2011

A change... not so sure about this :o(

Ok for the first time in years, I have decided to break free from my usual long hair with blonde or brown color. Which is all I really knew my hair to look like. Then I started to experiment with more highlights and more layers. I gradually kept wanting to change the way my hair was just for the simple fact of me having the opportunity to now that I am in cosmetology school. Well, sometimes change isn't always for the better. To be perfectly honest... I got what I wanted and didn't realize that I wouldn't like it.

First, I cut my hair short... to my shoulders. Don't get me wrong, when it's styled, it is cute... but when it's not... IT'S NOT! lol Then I also decided that blonde wasn't what I wanted to be anymore... considering I have cool undertones in my skin and the blonde just brought out that in my skin... which isn't appealing by the way!
I chose a level 7 mocha brown. Like a golden brown. I wanted the golden brown with just a bit of natural highlights... and I was looking forward to it.

So, as I was trying to find a fellow cosmetology classmate to apply the color for me... I somehow changed my mind to put a level 6 brown red into my hair. Not thinking that having a cool tone face and warm tone hair would not look right... I went ahead and went from light light blonde to a dark brown red.

I kept looking at myself and for some reason I cannot convince myself that I like it. My instructor said that it would fade because I went from so light to so dark... which I understand. I wonder what it will look like then? I don't know... and I really don't want to find out. Here is a picture of my hair now. The lighting is not as good as I wanted but here it is:

Ok I love the color itself. But I do not love the color on me. It just doesn't suit me. I didn't realize HOW red it was going to turn out. My fiance doesn't like it at all... he took one look and came straight out and said, "I don't like it". Which, of course, made me defensive because it's my hair. All in all though... it takes me a night to decide if I love it or not. Now that I know how I feel about it, I want to change it right away.

I have NOTHING against brown reds, trust me, the color is beautiful! I am almost jealous that it doesn't look right on me. But like I said, it's not me.

By the way, I used Matrix SoColor 6BR if you enjoy the color.

Hope you enjoyed reading :o)