Sunday, June 26, 2011

My latest obsession

Now that summer has finally hit, I would like to share my latest obsession. Bright pastel multi colored nails! Sometimes its hard to decide on just one colour to wear. Especially when you are a colour lover like me... one colour just isn't enough. If you want multi colored nails like mine... Use this one rule: if you want dark green, use other like dark colors... if you want light pink, use light colors. Otherwise, your nails will look like a total mess!
Be creative and wild. Don't normally wear yellows? Try it, just for the sake of the season... I did! Hope you enjoy!

Your Beauty Gal,


  1. I love this idea.Your nails look so cool :)

  2. Very cool look :) I love painting my nails!

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  3. Love your nails..