Sunday, January 2, 2011

E.l.f. Makeup that I got for Christmas... Great products!!

I first heard about E.l.f. cosmetics when I was watching a YouTube video that Kandee Johnson had made and in it, she said something about E.l.f. makeup. By the way, Kandee Johnson is a celebrity makeup artist and she is my inspiration! Anywho, so I decided to check out their website to see what their prices looked like... and OMG, I could not believe how reasonable their prices are!

Being that it was the Christmas season, my brother ended up letting me order some makeup that I wanted. And here are the things I had him order and what I think of them:

This one, Jason actually got for me. E.l.f. eyeshadows are very nicely pigmented and I enjoy the playful colors they have in this palette.

More beautiful eyeshadow colors by E.l.f. Can you believe this one was only $5? Good deals!

I actually got this one for FREE with my order! Original price on it was $15! Woot woot!

I had to get some fake eyelashes... who knows when I'll wear them, but it's nice to have 'em.

This is a contouring and blush set... very beautiful colors. They shimmer just a bit to make the skin have a gorgeous glow!
Clarifying Pressed Powder, makes skin look matte, covers and treats blemishes nicely!

Cream Eyeliner... the BEST kind of eyeliner! You apply it with a angled edge eyeliner brush and it goes on so much better then the stick eyeliner...

These lipgloss's have such beautiful colors and not too much pigment. I love these!!

This is another FREE gift that I got from E.l.f. Very nice eyeshadow palette...

These are my brushes that I got from E.l.f. They are $1 each, which is awesome... first is a crease brush, second is an eyeshadow brush and lastly the third one is an eyeliner brush.

This is an eyebrow kit. The cream to fill in your eyebrows to define them. And the light powder to help make them look natural. I call this one my eyebrow perfecter!

All eyeshadows need a little bit of "eyelid primer". Why? You ask... so the eyeshadow lasts longer and doesn't crease! Very good stuff!!!

Shimmering facial whip! This stuff is amazing, you can use it as an eyeshadow, lip color or cheek color to give yourself that dewy summer glow. Absolutely stunning!

Last, but certainly not least, Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara. It does not clump and separates the lashes nicely!

So, this is my E.l.f. makeup collection. I am so glad I got it because now I have a lot more stuff to work with. Plus, I am in love with makeup. :o)
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  1. Great post! The brushes are 1$ each! waaw.. I hope that i can find E.l.f cosmetics in Dubai:(

  2. Do you have a target store there? If so, Target sells E.l.f. cosmetics! Very good quality too! Thanks for the comments!