Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Cute Rose Rings!!!

Yesterday, I came across a picture on Facebook and fell in love with these rose rings! They are all homemade and one ring is never the same as another. They are so stunning for any kind of look. You can get any color you want, small, medium or large. The prices are very kind as well! The ring band is adjustable as well so there's no fussing with the "wrong" size. I have decided to interview her and her partner to see what started this passion to make homemade rose rings!

1) What made you want to start making these rose rings?

Heidi fell in love with kandee johnsons yellow rose ring, and looked everywhere to find one for herself and couldnt find one anywhere so decided to try and make one herself. Stacie met heidi shortly after and saw heidis designs and joined in on the action. Stacie is a big kandee fan as well so had to get in on this. Now we both make them.

2) How long does it usually take to make one ring?

They are handmade each one, each petal is shaped and formed by hand, its a process.

3) How long have you been working from home?

Heidi's been working from home for about a year, and stacie just started about 3 months ago.

4) What is the prices of your products?

The prices for our beautiful rings/earings/boppys range from $10-$20

5) What is your favorite part about working from home?

Both me and heidi get the blessing to stay home with our children and we both agree thats the best part.

6) What have you done in the past month to improve or promote your business?

We have been trying to get the word out to kandee fans, as well as women who just love one of a kind handmade jewelery. No one will have the same design they all are unique.

7) What advice would you like to share with a fellow work at home mom?

The best advice I would say is find something you love to do, something that can be an outlet for you when the kids get tough. It makes both of us so happy when people look at the jewelery and fall in love, because we made them by hand and theres no better compliment.

8) Are you thinking of expanding your product line?

We would definitely consider expanding our product line, we already have some ideas floating around in our little heads. There are so many options. Even if you dont see a color you like on the site 99% of the time we have it so feel free to send us a question. We are excited to hear from all of you and hope you enjoy the beauty in these beautiful rings as we do. From our home to yours made with love.

9) What's your website and how do you order?

This is our website, you can go to the contact section of the site and send us an email with all your information and the order you would like to place. Feel free to ask us any questions even colors we dont have listed we most likely have. The options are endless. Please enjoy looking and thank you for taking the time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview and hope you have interest in the rose rings as much as I have.

Thanks for reading :o)
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~Suzzette Drake

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