Monday, January 10, 2011

Basic, yet sassy, makeup tutorial

I've decided that it was time for me to do a very basic makeup tutorial. It is more of a step by step picture tutorial. I will also show a before and after picture to so you can see how big of a difference basic makeup can make :o) I hope you enjoy this post!

First I applied moisturizer, which is VERY important for you skin and it also primes your skin for the makeup application. If you have dry skin and you put foundation on, most likely you will end up with noticeable dry spots and even having a cakey look. Which, is really not attractive lol :o)

After moisturizer, I applied liquid foundation all over my face and neck. It is important to blend it well. Applying foundation on your neck insures that you don't look like you have a "mask" on. Once I have applied the liquid foundation, I then apply the powder foundation. This step helps A LOT in keeping your makeup on through out the day. Whenever putting liquid foundation on your face, you have to follow with powder to LOCK in the makeup and help in last longer!!!

This is my foundation and powder picture:

I don't look extremely excited in this picture because I was trying to get all of this done before my kids got home from daycare. So, please forgive me for not smiling lol :o)

After the foundation and powder, you are going to want to give yourself some dimension. One way you can do that is by contouring and highlighting. Contouring is with a darker shade then your skin tone. Basically, you just apply it two to three inches below your cheek bone, work your way up to the sides of the face up to your temples and the corners of your forehead. Sooner or later I will be able to make videos instead of written instructions. Then, you will want to contour the sides of your nose lightly, just to give your nose a more slender look. That is basically it for contouring...

Now, for the highlighting. You may use a very light blush or a white shimmer eyeshadow. I use both. Anyway, you are going to want to highlight the bridge of your nose lightly, the middle of your forehead where you didn't put your contour. Just above your cheek bones and right below the corner of your eyes, you will need to apply your highlight. This will give the illusion of dewy, bright skin! Also, apply your highlight to just a bit of your chin. Remember where you put your first contour? Two to three inches below your cheek bone? Well, SMILE!!! Then apply your blush slightly below the "apple" of your cheek. Make sure you do LIGHT strokes to prevent too much makeup being applied.

Now, contouring and highlighting is DONE! Lets move onto the eye makeup! Make sure you always apply eyelid primer. This will insure that your eyeshadow doesn't crease and helps it last longer into the day! I put mine from eyelid up to the brow bone, just below the eyebrow. Let it dry.
I began with a very light matte pink color for my base eyeshadow. I took that color up to my brow bone. Then I took my shimmery dark gray eyeshadow and lighting added my shadow to the corners of my eyes and slightly brought it outward towards my hairline... of course, don't go to your hairline. Make sure it is blended well and there's no major lines. Blending is key to making your eyeshadow look beautiful! Then I took a brighter pink color, still pretty light though, with shimmer and applied it to the inner corners of my eyes. This gives you a very bright, awake look! Once I have finished that, I took my white shimmer eyeshadow and applied just a bit right underneath the arch of my eyebrow and blended outward to blend with the gray eyeshadow.

I also defined my eyebrows, but we won't worry about that right now. I didn't apply any eyeliner, just black eyeshadow to my outter lashline and lower outter lashline. Which gave me a more "cat eye" look. I applied my mascara on top and bottom of my lashes.

I took a light pink-red lipgloss and applied it to the bottom lip first, then to the top. Now, I am finish!!!!
Here is the finished look:

Now that you've seen the steps... I want to show you before and after :o)



You like?
This is why I LOOOOOVE makeup!!! It's amazing!!!

Now, here are other pictures I took because I enjoy taking pictures of my work :o)

I hope you enjoyed this basic makeup tutorial. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them. Just comment below :o)
Thanks for reading!

~Suzzette Drake


  1. Awesome tutorial.. love this look and its so easy to achieve :)

  2. Thank you!!! I only wish I could do a video. I was really looking to do a really colorful makeup tutorial but figured I would lose some people along the way with all the words LOL So I stuck with something simple... I will do more later on... Thanks for reading and commenting!!! :o)

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